Welcome! Let’s get to know each other.

I am an interdisciplinary scholar who blends methods and concepts from a range of social scientific disciplines to understand the world around us. Though the substantive questions that motivate my projects vary, each part of my research agenda is connected by a concern with the complexity of group identification and the role it plays in structuring attitudes and judgments in the context of American politics. My dissertation work, detailed more on the “Research” tab, focuses on the influence of respectability on Black attitudes about punitive social policies that bear disproportionately on the lives of Black Americans.

When I’m not studying politics, I actually love real politics and have for a very long time. I grew up talking about politics on the front porch with my grandfather and enjoy spirited conversations about the issues of the day. I sometimes (frequently) fall asleep listening to Supreme Court oral arguments. I also love good eats and good music.

In a previous life, I traveled and gave a bunch of speeches before audiences of all types. These speeches mostly concerned issues of inequality and justice, topics that move and unsettle me still.

I look forward to getting to know you.